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Exclusive to MedSat is the innovative Roadcase series which offers a completely portable solution for all of your communications needs anywhere in Australia. Each Roadcase is cost effective, robust and simple to erect. This is satellite internet, telephony and fax at its’ simplest and best. Attractive data plans make the MedSat Roadcase option complete.

MedSat Commercial Roadcase

MedSat Technologies, has developed a portable telecommunications device to enable Telephone, Fax and Broadband internet practically anywhere. A 98 cm Antenna, Tripod and the MedSat Roadcase give your project the ability to communicate quickly and easily.

Setting up is a breeze with the Hughes Satellite Finder provided with the Roadcase. Connect the 2 Cables from the antenna to the case, power it up and your minutes away from Telephone, Fax and Internet connectivity. Anyone with 30 minutes of training and moderate computer skills will be able to aim the Antenna and from there you just find the wireless access point with your computer and carry the cordless phone into your workplace.



Inside the Case you will find a Line interactive UPS (uninterrupted Power Supply) for protection against surge, power failure and brown out. A Hughes 7740 Satellite modem, Panasonic 5.8Ghz cordless phone with a second handset. Thermal fax and Wireless access point with 4 port switch. All devices are mounted in the MedSat RoadCase and neatly cabled.

The case has a switched cooling fan to enable use with the lid down. (it makes a handy fax table)

Connection to the antenna is simple with the color coded 15 metre cables supplied. A standard 10 amp power lead plugged into the case provides power to the entire unit. A Battery powered system is available at extra cost.

This product is best for use in harsh environments with unreliable power




MedSat Mini Roadcase

Antenna & tripod not pictured

This system is ideal for travelers on a budget that just want telephone and basic internet capability. Simple to erect and store away in your van or bus.


The Mini Roadcase includes:

  • Sturdy case
  • 1 x 5.8Ghz cordless telephone
  • 1 x wireless router
  • 10 metres of co-axial cable and tools
  • 98 cm Antenna & 1 watt BUC
  • HN7740 Broadband satellite modem
  • Light Tripod mount

*All portable systems can be adapted to work on 12 volts

*Protective covers for this antenna are available for this system

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