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Anything can happen on a remote worksite. Usually doesn’t, but when it does the impact can be devastating both to your company and your staff. Having an experienced Emergency and pre-hospital professional working with your team is a valuable tool for your company. Emergencies aside, there are many apparently insignificant events that can lead to lost production that may not necessarily be considered work related. If a significant member of your crew develops abdominal pain, or forgets their medication then the job may grind to a halt. Medsat Technologies Pty Ltd provides a mutli-layered medical service that better cares for all the needs of your crew.

Emergency Medical Response: Our highly trained Paramedics have extensive field experience working throughout Australia in urban, rural and remote locations including mining and construction. Our senior Emergency Nurses have advanced skills and specialize in retrievals, suturing, plastering and managing patients at intensive care levels. Using the specialized medical equipment we bring to your worksite, our professionals can manage, stabilize, then plan and package for evacuation to the most appropriate facility. They will liaise with allied medical personnel to promote best outcomes and keep you informed.

Ongoing Medical Management: For those minor incidents and complaints that often result in non-emergent evacuation, our professional team can manage your staff on site and monitor their recovery with the view to return to work when well. This gives you the peace of mind that your workers receive appropriate medical care without the expense of an unnecessary evacuation. A simple sprained ankle on your offshore survey vessel, that could be a LTI can be assessed professionally and monitored safely by qualified health professionals. The foreign body in the eye that requires a 24 hour review can be done onsite using telemetry. These are common examples of how we can assist in cost reduction for your remote project.

Pre-Employment Medicals: If you require pre-employment medicals then MedSat Technologies Pty Ltd can provide staff to carry out this service. With our understanding of industry needs, there is real benefit in having our onsite medical team managing the health of your crew from day one.

Drug screening and Alcohol Testing: If your worksite requires these services then MedSat Technologies Pty Ltd has qualified staff to perform routine testing.

First Aid Training: Our staff are qualified to perform all levels of First Aid Training as required. MedSat Technologies Pty Ltd can assist you with ensuring your workers are trained and equipped to manage emergencies in their workplace. We conduct site and project audits, recommend equipment and training and ensure your teams are confident in their use. These areas may include, packaging for off-shore evacuation, Rescue from heights, Rescue from confined spaces, Oxygen equipment resuscitation and defibrillation.

Talk to us about your needs and we will provide you with a cost effective solution relative to your project.

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