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MedSat Technologies has a range of Marine solutions tailored to your budget, project timeframe and data/Telephony requirements. We specialise in systems for smaller vessels including TVRO. MedSat also provides hire units for specific projects with packages that include the data plan. Whatever your marine application MedSat can provide a solution that is reliable and cost effective.

MedSat Technologies Pty Ltd is the Australian distributer of the KNS Supertrack series of marine stabilised VSAT and TVRO antennas

KNS Antenna Systems Supertrack Series

SuperTrack Communication Series antenna features excellent tracking performance that allows you to enjoy a real 3-axis antenna system with Extended elevation and warranty. Supertrack Communication Series Design allows for an easy and inexpensive solution which are lighter, smaller and faster than any other satellite tracking antenna systems. This antenna system can be monitored and controlled by using SuperTrack Control Software(SCS). It also allows you to configure all satellite information automatically with downloaded data from our web site.

The KNS Z6 at 60cm is a lightweight compact antenna ideally suited to vessels seeking reliable broadband internet and telephony but operating within 100km or so from the Australian Coastline.  MedSat can provide unlimited data plans and telephone services using this platform at a very low cost.  Suitable for smaller vessels the Z6 weighs only 43 Kg and can be mounted low on your vessel as all access is from above the dome.  Contact MedSat Technologies today for pricing and a demonstration of this outstanding antenna.
The KNS Z8 antenna is an 85cm Ku band antenna suitable for vessels working within Australian waters.  It shares the lightweight compact characteristics of the KNS Z6 antenna with a better performance profile for vessels operating away from the coast for extended periods. 
The KNS Z12 is the largest and best performing Ku band antenna in the Supertrack range.  This antenna with a global roaming service through MedSat and iDirect gives your vessel a superior internet and telephony service in most of the oceans of the world.
Television Recieve Only
MedSat TVRO Solutions using the KNS Supertrack S series of TVRO antennas.  Receive Austar, Foxtel, SelecTV or Aurora Free to Air television services and improve your crew morale for a suprisingly little cost.  Contact MedSat Technologies today for more information and pricing on these great performing antennas.
KNS Supertrack S6

The KNS Supertrack S6 TVRO antenna is the recieve version of the 60cm Z6 Ku band VSAT antenna.  If your vessel operates mainly on the eastern side of Australia this antenna will provide you with a reliable television service off the OPTUS C or D satellites. 
KNS Supertrack S8

If you operate on the West coast or in the Southern oceans near Australia the KNS Supertrack S8 will be the best solution for you.
Both antennas are light and can be mounted low on your cabin,  Matched with a Z series antenna, MedSat and KNS and solve all of your Internet, telephone and entertainment needs.

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