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Transportable Telecommunications Kiosk

MeDsat Tellecommunications KioskThe MedSat Telecommunications Kiosk is self contained light and portable, the Dimensions are 3.5m x 2.5m making lifting with a light forklift or transport on a car trailer possible. The building simply plugs into 240V power the same as a caravan. The secure building is air-conditioned has a large access door. Cabling from your offices or accommodation block can be plugged into the equipment rack or a wireless network can be built to suit your needs. The kiosk is large enough to hold your entire telecommunications infrastructure including internet, television distribution and still be used as a small site office, first aid room or storage building.



Can be custom built to your specification

MedSat Containerised solution

MedSat Containerised solutionThe MedSat containerised Solution is based on a 20' Sea container manufactured to mount up to a 3.8metre antenna.

This model was manufacteured to be used as a site office with 2 airconditioned Telephone booths for the project staff to call home from.

The 3.8m antenna is free standing.  a Larger 4.8m version is possible with some additional supports attached to the building making it a suitable structure for the harshest environment.

MedSat has manufactured these buildings to provide accomodation, site offices, Medical Centres or just a project communications Hub.  The Integrity of the container is maitained to allow shipping to any destination and the equipment is stored or mounted inside for quick deployment once onsite.

MedSat Cybercube

MedSat Cybercube

The MedSat Cybercube is a 10" container with a secure section to house servers and telephone systems while storing the antenna and outdoor unit for shipping.  Designed for use in harsh environments the Cybercube is insulated and air-conditioned for heat and cold. 

Its low profile and relative lightweight means the Cybercube can be easily handled or loaded with a Hiab or small forklift.  Again the container integrity is maintained allowing it to be shipped as general cargo.






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