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MedSat IMT (integrated Mount & Tripod)

MedSat IMT mount with Hughes ODU

MedSat Technologies introduces the latest innovation to our Roadcase Range of Products.  The IMT (integrated mount & tripod) is a flyaway antenna designed for users that require extra portability but are on a budget, the MedSat IMT weighs under 32kg in its robust Poly case so it can be shipped as airline baggage and folds down to a compact 1m x 1m x 200mm.  The mount is constructed from primarily Stainless steel so will stand up to the rigors of the outback but maintains a low profile so as to remain stable even in windy environments.

Erected in minutes it packs away in its case to be transported as luggage, in the boot of a car or the back of the work ute, In any environment, if portable at a price is what you need the MedSat IMT is for you.

The MedSat IMT also has an adapter to mount permanently on a trailer or caravan offering a compact low centre of gravity solution to your Broadband internet, telephone or fax needs.  Unlike similar products, the MedSat IMT stows within its diameter taking up much less room and maintaining its stability.

This antenna comes with a 98cm Prodelin reflector but also adapts to the 98cm Gilat antenna for use with IPSTAR services.  Call us to discuss your requirements.

Patriot Backpack antenna

Patriot backpack antenna click for more info

he Patriot 1.0 meter backpack flyaway antenna is designed for worldwide transmit and receive operation in Ku or Ka frequency bands.  The lightweight portable antenna system consists of

Patriot’s patented Dual Skin Sectional reflector and a low profile tripod mount.  This results in an antenna with superior rigidity and high performance under wind loading conditions.

The unique shape and the accurate reflector surface provide good sidelobe and cross-polarization performance.  Repeatability is maintained with precision registration of the reflector segments and the feed support structure.

The 1.0 meter backpack flyaway antenna system provides excellent performance that meets all international specifications. 

The complete system, including a single feed, is packaged in a heavy duty, nylon case.  Package with the MedSat Mini Roadcase and you have the ultimate portable solution that can fit in a small vehicle, helicopter or light aircraft.  Telephone, Internet and fax anywhere!

C-COM iNet Vu 1.2M Flyaway

C-COM 1.2m self aquiring Flyaway click for Specs

the iNetVu 1.2M Flyaway is targeted for first responder’s applications where Mobile Broadband Satellite Terminals are expected to be rapidly deployable after arriving at a remote location.

The ruggedized suit case based 1.2 M Flyaway system has been designed to be airline checkable and can be field assembled and operational in less than 15 minutes by one person. No tools are required to setup or disassemble the antenna and once assembled, it will automatically lock on the selected satellite in three minutes or less with a simple press of a button. It comes complete with the latest and most advanced C-COM manufactured auto acquisition 7000 Antenna Controller.

This system is the ultimate in portable broadband. Connected to a MedSat roadcase, it can be deployed and online in minutes by non technical personnel providing internet, telephone and fax with uplink speeds of up to 1Mb/s anywhere in Australia, Indonesia and New Guinea.

Aimed at disaster response, this product is the top end of the portable broadband solutions.

MedSat Lightweight Tripod

MedSat lightweight Tripod in the field

Designed for users on a budget that just require a sturdy portable alternative, the MedSat lightweight Tripod is made from mild steel and has a turned mast to cater for the prodelin 74.3mm OD AzEl.  The legs extend for added stability and the whole thing colapses to uner 1m and travels in a carry bag with the Feedhorn arms.  It can be sandbagged or pegged for additional stability.

This model is popular with caravan travellers as it sets up similar to a Pay TV dish. 



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